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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game 12 – The City

Weekends here are thursdays and Fridays
They invited me to explore the city
In order to enjoy and not to be lonely
I had to go out and make my day happy.

I was amazed with the imposing edifices
The designs and materials of their houses
I did not expected to see like this
I thought that this is a desert place.

The road is so busy and noisy
I am afraid to across even hastily
Most of them don’t give a way
If there’s one, then you are lucky.

We arrived at home with a smile
My loneliness was gone for a while
I realized to fight for the weaknesses
Instead, see the brighter side always.

part of the past

part of the past
this is my life before

My Skills and Magics

Upgraded Skills (drawn in autocad, 3dmax and photoshop)